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  14 March 2017 – Please support our Rent Appeal!
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  24 December 2016 - Mack donates vegetables and fruit

Mack of Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, again provides fruit and vegetables for our clients

  Harvest 2016

Thank you to the many schools, churches, organisations and individuals who have passed their Harvest giving this year to The Community Storehouse. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

  4 March – New Licence signed with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

It’s official! We now have a licence to run the foodbank from the Wesley Centre until September 2020. “To know finally that our future at the Wesley Centre is secure after several months of waiting and negotiations is excellent news” said Chairman Carlton Andrews, “On behalf of the trustees I would like to say a big thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support our Rent Appeal and those who have been praying for TCS”.

  24 December - Mack donates vegetables and fruit

Mack, of Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, once again provides a large amount of vegetables and fruit for our clients.

  25 September - Courier Heart of the Community Awards

VOTE NOW for the Community Storehouse to receive a year of editorial support from the Courier Heart of the Community Awards - full details in the Courier newspaper or
on the Courier website. Closing date midnight on 18th October.

You can't vote online but you can vote in the following 2 ways:-

  • Post: Fill in the voting coupon in the Courier newspaper with the 4-digit voting code 1026 and post it to:-

80-84 Calverley Road

  • Text:  Text KS HEART 1026 (the 4-digit voting code for the Community Storehouse) plus your name, house number and postcode to 64343. Texts cost £1.00 per text plus one standard network rate message,

e.g. Text KS HEART 1026 Jane Smith 99 TN12 6DS to 64343

  13 July 2015 - Rent Appeal featured on front page of the Courier

TCS Rent Appeal featured on the front page of the Kent & Sussex Courier


July 2015 - the Community Storehouse now a Registered Charity

In July 2015 the Community Storehouse became a Registered Charity, Number 1162887


13 July 2015 - Rent Appeal now launched

Help us raise £24,000 to secure our future at the Wesley Centre, more details here

1 July 2015 - Revised August Opening Hours

Tuesdays: CLOSED

Thursdays: 09.30 to 12.30

Normal Opening restarts in SEPTEMBER

7 March 2015 - Annual Review to 31st July 2014

The Community Storehouse (TCS) first opened its doors at The Wesley Centre, Paddock Wood, on 17 September 2013. Since then we have worked to live out our Mission Statement by supporting individuals and families (a total of 298 people to the year-end) with food parcels who, through a variety of circumstance, are in a place of hardship.

In this year TCS has received food donations of 7.9 tonnes and we have distributed food parcels totalling 6.4 tonnes. Every customer has expressed their appreciation for the food received and the team at TCS and our customers are thankful for the generous support evidenced in our community. We appreciate that many local churches give generously to TCS. The Anglican and Methodist Church of St Andrew, Paddock Wood is one of our main collection points and continues to be particularly supportive of our work. We would also like to thank Waitrose Ltd, Paddock Wood for another major collection point and for their generosity.

In the early months TCS provided parcels of non-perishable food items sufficient to meet the customer's needs for three days, including main meals, breakfast and snacks. This guidance for provision is regularly reviewed according to stock availability and evaluating how long it may be before a family's situation may improve. A number of TCS supporters choose to give a monetary donation rather than food items and during the year this totalled £8,005 (including Gift Aid Tax claimed) and included a generous donation by Paddock Wood Baptist Church to assist with initial costs. These donations are used to supplement non-perishable food stocks and to cover the administrative costs of the TCS operation. It has also allowed us to purchase suitable shelving, a fridge and a freezer which has enabled us to purchase perishable food items: butter, eggs, cheese, all received with thanks.

TCS opened twice weekly on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Some weeks were quieter than others but over the period we averaged ten requests per week. A number of people return regularly because their circumstances are difficult or slow to improve, therefore their genuine need for support persists. Others only come in once or twice and then go on to achieve independence. Some may ask for a top-up, requesting named items that they need but cannot afford to buy that week.

Initially the TCS team anticipated being busier in terms of numbers and we are aware that there are many people in Paddock Wood and surrounding district who could benefit from our service but hesitate to ask for help. Working in partnership with local government, educational, private and voluntary agencies we are gradually reaching out to a wide range of people and building positive relationships within the community. In this period 17 local agencies had access to our vouchers.

During the two-hour sessions that we are open, people may drop in with a voucher received from an approved agency that supports them or they may call in and simply ask for our help. Of the 370 referrals received during this period, 64 came from our partner agencies, the remainder being in-house or self-referrals. Nobody is turned away empty-handed. Usually customers are pleased to sit and have a cup of tea and chat with our staff and with other customers. We are able to develop friendships and often signpost customers to other agencies to help further resolve their difficulties. We discourage customers from becoming dependent on TCS, and 80% of our customers have received four or less parcels.

We operate with around 18 volunteer helpers, with three to four present during each session. Other tasks undertaken by our volunteers include collecting food from collection points scattered across the area, stock control, raising awareness and support for TCS, and day to day business management.

TCS celebrated a number of special events during this, our first year. Several local schools and churches collected food at Harvest Festival time and brought the gifts to TCS. Groups from uniformed organisations and schools have visited or supported us at three awareness-raising days at Waitrose. On Christmas Eve we enjoyed distributing fresh fruit and vegetables given by M & W Mack Ltd, Paddock Wood. TCS supported a belated Christmas feast organised by the local press for the flood victims of Yalding and other local places. Occasionally TCS supplies quantities of food to The Salvation Army to include in soup kitchens in our area.

In our experience this year, nobody enjoys being in a situation of need and asking for support and everyone wants to be independent and do their part in improving the situation for themselves and their families.

The core team at TCS are all Christians and our motivation for being involved is our love of Jesus and wanting to demonstrate his love and care for all, especially those in need.

Christmas Eve 2014

Once again we were blessed with a bountiful supply of fruit and vegetables from Mack and we were able to alert people to this donation and distribute for Christmas.

Saturday 29 November 2014 - Waitrose Christmas Collection Day

The generosity of our community was heart-warming with 264kg of Christmas goodies being collected. Thank you all for your continued support.

September/October 2014

In addition to the continued support of our community again we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of giving at Harvest time. Local churches and schools have been rallying points for the Foodbank and a few photographs of this support are incorporated in our Gallery.


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