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We love because He first loved us - 1 John 4.19
He shares his food with the poor - Proverbs 22.9


About us

Paddock Wood

Most residents of Paddock Wood and its surrounding district believe our town is a great place to live. One enduring aspect is our strong sense of being a community. Ours is a small rural town where it often seems that everyone is at least on nodding terms with one another.

Every family in our community has its own story to tell, including good times and not-so-good or bad times, its strengths and successes and problems to be supported or anxieties to overcome. In the past, the wider family usually lived close by and they would rally round when there was a problem. However family structures have changed, employment levels are down and we are in challenging times which affect every family budget, every home's food cupboard and finances. Many can manage with careful planning, perhaps buying less of those extra items that we love. But not all people have that luxury. Some families struggle as the week's or month's funds run dry and often worry about how they will put a meal on the table each day. This problem is affecting an increasing number of people, from the elderly who live alone to large families and includes single parents with children not yet in school.

A group of friends in Paddock Wood have thought about this and investigated how food banks had been set up in larger towns than ours to support local community needs. So, starting small, with food parcels to local families on special holiday or seasonal occasions the Community Storehouse was born. We moved into our present premises in September 2013.

In July 2015 the Community Storehouse became a Registered Charity, Number 1162887.


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